Ready to kick-start your career?

Ready to kick-start your career?

Learn Python 3 with Codecademy

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Anything is possible when learning is easy. Discover where Python can take you with Codecademy Pro.

In this course, you’ll learn:

From getting hands-on with a career-worthy programming language to analyzing and using big data in your decision making, Python 3 gives you the skills you need to succeed.

Python syntax

How to build control flows into your code

Lists, loops, functions, and so much more

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Learn Python 3

Discover career-worthy Python programming concepts and language.

Data Scientist

Become a hirable data-driven decision maker with this helpful Career Path.

Analyze Data with Python

Build upon general Python skills with the added fundamentals of data analysis.

Employees in big tech take Codecademy courses

Codecademy makes learning Python fun and flexible

Enjoy guided roadmaps, develop real-world projects, and earn certificates of completion along the way.

Step-by-step guidance

Know what to learn and when. You'll have assistance every step of the way.

Hands-on experience

Build up a portfolio of work to showcase.

Better knowledge retention

Keep what you learn, and begin applying it.

Proof of progress

Map your success with certificates of completion.

“I finished architecture school this past semester and, due to COVID, no longer had a job lined up for when I graduated. I found a job, but the job required some Python knowledge, so I enrolled and completed the course between my first and second interviews. Coming into the second interview with this knowledge put me miles ahead of the other candidates and eventually secured me my new job! Thanks!”

Ikhala | Trustpilot 5-Star Review

Speak the same programming language as FAANG

Python is powerful yet easy to read, making it highly applicable at major tech companies and a great first language to learn. Plus, you can learn this language on your schedule from any device.  

With Codecademy Pro, you’ll build a portfolio of work to showcase your skills when opportunity comes knocking.

Frequently asked questions

How soon can I land a real-world job?


It’s not uncommon for Codecademy learners to land web development jobs within 6 months. You can find how and read more in-depth success stories in the community forums.

What if I don’t have a Computer Science degree?


Having a degree related to Computer Science or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) helps, but it is not an absolute requirement in most Computer Science fields. It is no longer rare that developers have an unrelated degree or no degree at all, and the number of such developers continues to grow.


However, to enter and succeed in the field without a Computer Science degree, it is important to make sure you learn all the important concepts that would have been covered in the degree and are required for the job. In addition, it can be helpful to make projects, contribute to open source projects, join hackathons, and network with others in the field.

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