Are you a community superhero?

If you’re an active member of the Codecademy community, we’re looking for you! Join the Code Crew to give back by helping peers on their own learning journeys.

Make an impact

Get exclusive perks

Build lasting connections

What’s the Code Crew?

We’re an exclusive group of learners leading discussions, creating Docs, moderating our Discord, and hosting events across the Codecademy community.

We always welcome new applicants. Before you apply, check our eligibility requirements here. 

Ways top community contributors participate

Engage others by answering questions and posting topics.

Kick-start collaboration by hosting virtual or live events.

Lead discussions and answer open user questions.

Add to and edit our hub for helpful code documentation.

Not a top contributor yet? Here’s how to get there

Hear from the crew

“The connections and friendships forged through the Code Crew create a powerful network that enriches your life and career, making it a truly gratifying experience.”

Michael Wiltfong

Ottawa, Canada

“Being a part of Code Crew has been a great experience. I met wonderful people in this community who broaden my understanding of tech.”

Christine Belzie

Middletown, New York

“I learned iOS from Codecademy, [and] I want to help others to learn and share my knowledge with them to make their experiences as beautiful as mine.”

Omar Elsayed

Cairo, Egypt

“I’m loving connecting with people all over the world, supporting them, and being supported in my coding journey. Being part of Code Crew is also helping me so much in my job search. Another great benefit is that it’s improving my performance in my current role.”

Grace Kishino

Tokyo, Japan

How to join

Check your eligibility

Get an invite

Start helping others

Review Code Crew requirements. If you match, click apply.

If you’re a good fit, you’ll receive an official invitation to join the Code Crew.

You’ll get your badge to start connecting in the community.

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to apply?


The Code Crew is an exclusive group of community superheroes.

To be eligible to apply, you should be able to show how you’ve been active in the Codecademy community. Do you engage others, answer questions, and keep the conversation going in our forums, chapters, events, Discord, or Docs? If so, we’d like to hear from you!

Before applying, make sure your profile includes:

  • Real first name and last initial
  • Real profile picture
  • Email address
  • City, (state/province), country
  • Age (must be 18+)

What if I don’t meet all requirements?


No need to worry. Here are a few ways you can take a more active role in our community and become eligible to apply for the Code Crew.

  • Start regularly posting and interacting in our forums or on Discord
  • Answer open questions and help others on any of our community channels
  • Engage, lead, or co-lead a local chapter
  • Suggest ideas for and help organize new chapter and community events
  • Add and edit coding documentation in Docs
  • Got other ideas? We’d like to hear them

What does the Code Crew do?


The Code Crew creates helpful and welcoming spaces across the Codecademy community. Members do things like post new discussion topics, answer open questions, host events, lead conversations, or create and update Docs.

What happens after I apply?


Our team reviews your application and may set up a short virtual interview. Eligible applicants will get an official invite with access to exclusive Code Crew perks, merch, and opportunities.

Is it free to participate?


Yes! All we ask is for you to continue regularly engaging with our community to help others reach their coding goals.

What are the perks?


You’ll get a cool profile badge that shows everyone you’re Code Crew official. It also unlocks access to Code Crew merch, perks like exclusive events, access to a private Code Crew space in the forums, and more.


Ready to join the Code Crew?

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