Ready to kick-start your career?

Ready to kick-start your career?

The coding world awaits you

The Code Foundations skill path is your portal to a coding career. We teach you the basics so you’re writing code, thinking like a programmer, and ready to start your career in no time.

You’ll learn:

  • Foundations of the coding trifecta: Web Development, Computer Science, and Data Science
  • How to write your first lines of code in the most popular languages
  • The roadmap to your new profession

Ready to kick-start your career?

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What does this Career Path offer?

Learn from real professionals

Start coding

Find your path

Hear what a day in the life of a programmer looks like from interviews with actual people across various disciplines.

Learn by doing, right from the start. Write your first lines of code in the most popular languages.

Explore careers in computer science, web development, and data science so you’re informed and ready to kickstart your career.

What you’ll learn

This 10-hour* Career Path covers all the basics so you know what’s right for you.

1. Code Foundations: Introduction

2. Learn How to Code

3. Computer Science

4. Web Development

5. Data Science

Receive your certificate

Find your coding career path with Code Foundations

The best introduction for beginners into the field of data science and coding. Super easy to get in, very flexible too and amazingly efficient. Price-Benefit ratio is top in the market. I couldn't find an easier and better tool.

Max Brauer  |  Codecademy Learner

The portal to your new career

Find your calling

Certificate of Completion

You’ll be introduced to Web Development, Computer Science, and Data Science. That way, you have the tools to determine which programming niche is right for you.

Upon completing your 10-hour* Code Foundations course, you will have a clear career roadmap and a Certificate of Completion to take you forward in your coding career. 

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to finish?


This will ultimately depend on the user, but you can expect approximately 10 hours before completion.

How soon can I land a real-world job?


It’s not uncommon for Codecademy learners to land web development jobs within 6 months. You can find how and read more in-depth success stories in the community forums.

What if I don’t have a related degree?


Having a degree related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) helps, but it is not an absolute requirement in most coding fields. In fact, the number of developers with an unrelated undergraduate degree continues to grow so it’s no longer necessary to have a STEM degree to start a career in coding.  


However, to enter and succeed in the coding field without a related degree, it is important to make sure you learn all the important concepts that would have been covered in the degree and are required for the job. In addition, it can be helpful to make projects, contribute to open source projects, join hackathons, and network with others in the field.

*Time of completion will vary per participant

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