Codecademy vs. bootcamps 

Codecademy Pro helps you gain job-ready skills at your own pace — and for a fraction of the cost of a coding bootcamp. 

See how Codecademy Pro compares to bootcamps 

Codecademy Pro





How you learn

Live instruction (virtual or in-person) 

on a set schedule 

Self-paced with virtual, interactive courses

12 career paths and 400+ additional courses you can mix and match to fit your learning goals 

Typically 3–7 programs to choose between — must commit to one


Time to complete

Flexible, typically 3–6 months per path

4–8 months 

Virtual interview prep, portfolio projects, personalized job listings, access to hiring network, and job-readiness checker 

Career services and access to hiring network

Career service

Customer Support

Get a response in 12 hours or less when you email our support team with questions.

Live support

50 million global learners with over 100k learners in forums, Discord, and Facebook


Decentralized alumni 

From our learners 

I live in a country where the average income is less than $500/month, and usually bootcamps are ranging around $3,000–$30,000...I thought Codecademy wouldn’t give me what the other expensive bootcamps do, but I was wrong, and I am very happy with it."

Dhani P.

Probolinggo City, Indonesia

Codecademy gave me the tools I needed to land my first job as a developer, completely changing my career from the waste industry."

Jonathan M.

Stockholm, Sweden

Explore Pro features

No matter where you’re starting from, Codecademy Pro’s career services can help you switch or start your coding career.

Job-readiness checker 

Interview prep 

Job listings 

Portfolio projects 

Evaluate how well you meet the requirements for a given role based on your skills and experience with our AI-powered job-readiness checker.

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Practice common questions and coding problems based on real-world technical interviews. 

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Apply what you're learning to create robust, recruiter-ready projects for your portfolio. 

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Develop the skills and experience to land a job in tech